More Real People in Congress

Reading books like Winner Take All Politics or Predator Nation or even the problematically obvious This Town you start to see that DC really has become the new Rome.  Did you know 13 of the 30 wealthiest counties in the United States are in the DC area?  It’s an easy deal to get elected to congress and after a few years parlay that $174,000 a year job into a $1.6million a year lobbying contract.  Certainly playing along will help you get along, and who doesn’t want to get along (besides Neil Barofsky)?

But it is not lost on us, the American people, that the political elite controlling our government from the swanky suburbs around the nation’s capital should be Public Servants.

They just aren’t.  They are increasingly wealthy, increasingly detached, increasingly self-involved aristocrats who have lost touch with those whom they purport to represent.

We need more citizens to run for Congress.  We need more normal people to do the important jobs of high office.  Corruption is a problem.  However the general political system of two incredibly powerful, fantastically wealthy and horribly corrupt political parties dominating the election landscape by holding regular Americans hostage with their own values is the angry, horny, testosterone charged bull in our china closet.

If we don’t get independent candidates who are citizens first and political entities second to do the job of legislating then no matter what law you pass, nothing will change.

We need more citizens to run for Congress.  And we need more citizens to vote for those citizens.  Turn off the Republican and Democrat Parties.  Turn on democracy.  Improve our future.  Vote for us.


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