Voting in San Francisco

Most of us skipped the June 3rd primary this year.  About 30% of San Francisco voters turned out and we got a bad election.  Again.

Out of 8 candidates for Congress, two are put through to the November election.  Our two?  Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) and John Dennis (Republican).

This means we won’t have a race for Congress in November, 2014. Nancy Pelosi has certainly lost touch with the American people, but it doesn’t matter.  John Dennis is a Republican and it will be a cold day in hell before a Republican represents the people of San Francisco in Congress.

So Pelosi wins.  She wins without doing anything to win.  She wins by default, because she raised a lot of money for the Democrats, because she engages in the blathering, incessant, crippling nonsense that passes for politics in our country these days, and because she’s connected.  Boy is she connected in that permanent DC political establishment.

But is this good for the people of San Francisco?  We are a progressive town with progressive values, we are innovators and demonstrators and integrated sustainability experts.  We have the finest city in the country with really intelligent people doing incredible things with their lives.  We are leaders with strong values and an important vision of the future.

So why don’t we have an innovative, progressive, forward thinking representative?

It seems to me that we’ve become complacent over the years.  Like much of the country we are just sick of the incredibly stupid game our political leaders play and we’ve just given up.  Less than a third of us took the time to punch a ticket last month.

But let’s think about this: Our government is broken.  Our government is crippled by corruption.  One of the big ring-leaders of our corrupt and broken system pretends to represent our people and with all of our progressive values and our brave initiatives, we just skip elections and put our district on cruise control?

Is this the will of the people of San Francisco?

I don’t believe it is.  I believe that our people want to make a difference in this nation of ours, that we want to have a voice and that our voice won’t say the same silly things that are always being said, but will say something real.  We want a voice that will stand up and say “Enough!  Enough of all this corrupt bullshit!  You are supposed to be public servants!  We are supposed to be represented by our Congress, but you’re ruining it!  Your corruption is tearing this country apart!”



This November we will get Pelosi again.  Without the effort of a campaign, without having to go through the motion of pretending to promise anything to the people of San Francisco, without having to account for the widespread corruption in the Democratic and Republican parties, the people of San Francisco just maintain the status quo.

But what about in 2016?  Sure we may have missed an opportunity to take the lead in the fight against corruption this time, but wonderful news: We go again on June 7th, 2016.  Come out and vote June 7th 2016, my fellow San Franciscans.  And when you vote on that day, vote for an independent.  Let’s have a real election in November, 2016.  Let’s have a chance at a real representative for San Francisco.

Oh, and make it easy on yourself: Register to vote by mail.  That way you don’t have to burn your lunch break or hustle after work.


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