Let’s Save the United States: A List of Priorities

Our country is headed in the wrong direction.  Let’s work on these things before it’s too late:

#1 – Corruption.  Our congress is more corrupt than it’s ever been, our legislators are owned, outright, by wealthy interests and our government is not working on behalf of the American people.

#2 – A government FOR the people.  Our government is largely AGAINST the people. Whether we are talking about a militarized police force attacking regular Americans or seeing the federal government attack and persecute whistle blowers, whether we are talking about our government failing to protect our citizens from criminal behavior of large corporations or the ignorance of our representatives as to the needs of the American people, there must no longer be a government against the people.  This starts with fighting against the high levels of corruption.

#3 – Social Justice.  When we have a government that works for the people, instead of against them, we can make progress toward the ideal of equal rights and freedoms for all persons, regardless of wealth, race, nationality, religious creed, gender identity or sexual orientation

#4 – The economy.  Jobs are down, the average American is taking home smaller and smaller pieces of our financial growth, the federal government is focused on shuffling money up from working families to the wealthy and super-wealthy, the dollar is weakening and the largest corporations are winning ever-bigger pieces of the pie.  We’ve got to return the function of the government to working on behalf of the people, rather than against them, in order to utilize our collective strength to create a future which is both integrated and sustainable. When capital flows back to the middle and lower income households we will see a tremendous improvement in our economic outlook.

#5 – The environment.  By environment I don’t mean to say the grass and the trees and the meadows and the mountains, though these are included.  What I mean is this: We must look for ways to produce less waste and burn less fuel.  Unfortunately our systems of power have been overtaken by powerful, amoral leaders. These leaders wield power through profit making machines called corporations, and the model of profit is generally the same: Competition and growth.  With 3.6billion people on earth, we need desperately to move away from our outdated, unbalanced competition and growth cycles to cycles that value integration and sustainability.

#6 – A new brand of politics.  While it is not certain that a third party will be the answer to our problems, it is certain that voting for Republicans and Democrats got us into this mess and continuing to vote for them is a vote for the status quo.  Regardless of where you stand, politically, vote independent.  Don’t waste your vote on more of the same.  Out with the Republicrats.


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