The Danger Of Politics As Sport

I continue to wonder, with all of the bad things that our government has done lately, how people gather the strength and energy to root for their political team anymore.

Certainly there is an element of hatred for the irrational.  The Republicans play a very standard bad guy in our progressive town – they don’t want to let gay people get married, they want the government to regulate women’s bodies but not Wall Street algorithms, they love science when it will make a bomb but they hate science when it’s in a classroom, they scream and shout about freedom and turn and demand death and bombing in the same breath and with the same slobbering, mad desperation.

They make themselves easy to hate.

But the Democrats are not good guys.  It’s easy to forget, but this isn’t some kind of game.  We can’t pretend that in these elections, if Democrats win, that this is in any way good for the American people.  They are very much owned by the same kinds of people who own the Republicans.

We can’t afford for the same motivations that drive us toward sports fan-ship to guide our political process. The World Series is an important event, but it pales in comparison to the sake of our future and the destiny of our children.

Indeed, there is a pleasure to being part of a winning team. I watch the Giants win the World Series and as a fan I am glad. It is a great feeling to have our team crowned champions. Winning is terrific.

It is exciting to root for our sports teams. It is another matter altogether to pretend the political system wins have anything good behind them. When you vote Democrat and a Democrat wins, it is in no way clear that you have won. Or that you are likely to win in the future.

Cheering these victories or suffering these defeats are empty unless you have paid thousands of dollars to bribe the winning candidates.  Unless you’ve given politicians a serious amount of money: They aren’t on your team.

And the sad fact is that they never will be.

Vote independent.  Vote small money.  Vote Campaign Finance Reform.


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