The Degradation Of The American

The United States seems to be falling from its golden era. During the revolution in physics in the 1920s, the largest and most prestigious and most revered universities were in Europe. American universities had almost no impact on the development of our new kind of physics.  After a few decades the U.S. produced several of its own education centers to compete on the global scale. However, as our attention turns away from the arts and the soul of man to a strict and formal consideration of humans as market players, man as merely an economic abstract to be commodified and compelled to buy and work, we lose our newly gained prestige.

The danger of market theory is that it may, by some chance, feed the stomach of man but it is incredibly unlikely to feed his soul. As our once civil nation falls further under the spell of the dangerous notion that man is a set of economic variables, and as this force of ignorance pushes for the increasingly unfettered ability of large market forces to control ever larger portions of our collective and cognitive arenas, we see the deterioration of man as homo sapien and the emergence of the disfigured and loathsome homo economicus. 

The rise of human as merely market player and the subsequent retaliation against her soul is a terrifying enslavement. While the nothingness of the hopes and striving which chase most people relentlessly through their professional careers can be offset by a flourishing family dynamic and taking soul refreshing solace in a rich personal life, the commodification of man as market player fuses our animal nature entirely to a set of abstract and absurd conditions and obliterates any chance for real happiness.

Until we, as Americans, can see ourselves as more than coordinates and dollar signs, until we can see even the poorest and the most downtrodden among us as pieces of the same soul, until we can see that we all have an equal share of our cognitive space regardless of handsomeness, fame, fortune, or breeding, we shall face the crippling isolation of narcissistic anxiety.